Contract Manufacturing

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Contract Manufacturing

We offer contract manufacturing services for our esteemed clients. We believe in understanding all that our clients require when they give us an assignment for a product. Therefore, we offer our clients a stress-free contract where they can provide us with the knowledge of everything they require. We allot our dedicated team to work on the same to derive only the best quality products that are premium in nature.

We at Pure Source Nutrition can create any form and type of nutraceutical formula as per your needs because we aim to fulfill every requirement to make your product a market leader. Partnering with us would give you end-to-end solutions when it comes to your product manufacturing and help you grow your business with endless opportunities in the market. We have a dedicated set of world-class teams that will take care of your product from cost analysis, sourcing the best ingredients, making the best blends to packaging.

The Process

Step 01 - Your Query

The first step of the process is when you call us to know about our company and how we can develop your dream product together. This is when you put forward your requirement from our company and we provide you with the knowledge of how your product can be materialized through our manufacturing process.

Step 02 - Your Quote

After you have clearly put forward your needs from us and we have had a great discussion about how we can take this forward then from therein we will send you a quote very quickly. You can then go over the different prices offered and choose the one that’s most suitable for you.

Step 03 - Manufacturing

From this step the manufacturing team takes over and our manufacturing team converts your product dream into reality. Our research, analysis, technology, ingredients and equipment everything comes together in this step to create your product from scratch to the best in the market.

Step 04 - Quality Check

While quality check is done at every step of the process, we take special care of the quality and run a thorough quality check after manufacturing too. Our team of experts takes care of every tiny detail and ensures that no detail is skipped so that what we produce makes your marketing much easier, a product you can take pride in.

Step 05 - Your Product

The last step is where we deliver the product as per your requirement. After the entire process of manufacturing is done we ship your product to you. We offer multiple procedures of shipment and thus, we can trust us with the final result. By the end of the whole process, we will deliver you the product you imagined and even better.

Request A Manufacturing Price Quote

We promise the finest quality nutrition in the market and it is your time to convert your dream product into reality. So take action now and get your quote for the first product you make with us.
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Custom Formulation

The Process
Do you have a custom supplement you want to produce? Let us help make it happen. Bring us your formula and we will source all your raw materials. Or supply your own raw materials if you prefer. We will produce your custom encapsulated product to your exact specifications in compliance with industry quality standards.
Perhaps you are interested in designing a new formula or refining an existing one to meet new market demands. Our scientists will review the formula and suggest changes where needed. Our formulation experts and staff excel at making products effective while reducing the bottom line. We also have an extensive portfolio of stock formulas we can modify as needed to meet your custom needs quickly and cost-effectively.
We have years of experience collaborating with our global partners to ensure we use the highest quality ingredients in all your products. We have developed relationships with organic, non-GMO, certified suppliers to make products with the purest raw materials. This is a marketing edge we build into the products that set you apart from the competition.

Contract Manufacturing

After receiving your order and evaluating the raw materials, we move forward with manufacturing your product.
Using state-of-the-art equipment and processes, we carefully:
  • Blend the raw
  • materials
  • Encapsulate
  • Bottle and Label
Quality-Control Testing
Quality-control testing is conducted on each lot. Quality is essential—for you and for us. Lot-specific documentation accompanies your product from start to finish. Our operations are FDA-registered, cGMP-compliant through the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). While we use a third party ISO Certified Laboritory.
Your brand label is on every product you order, whether it’s your custom formula or one of our stock private label products. We provide information for label dimensions and all the required back-panel content, which includes Supplement Facts and Ingredients lists. You design, print, and deliver your labels, and we apply them to your bottles.
An ISO 22000:2018, GMP & HACCP Certified Co.
India whey protein manufacturers, nutraceuticals manufacturers in india, best nutraceutical manufacturers in india
India whey protein manufacturers, nutraceuticals manufacturers in india, best nutraceutical manufacturers in india
India whey protein manufacturers, nutraceuticals manufacturers in india, best nutraceutical manufacturers in india
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